These icy blades flicker with joy

As their master comes back to play

They have been waiting so long

But they knew she would be back

Bad day?

We thought so

You are always sad when we see you

But we will help you through this

We will always be here for you

That's right let it all out

You can cry

We won't tell

You can trust us

This will be our little secret

Oh, you want to dance?

Why we thought you would never ask

You look so pretty

In your flowing gown of red

Such elegant strides

Up and down

Side to side

You are the prettiest one in the room

There, now that's the smile we remember

That face of pure joy and exhilaration

You live for the rush don't you?


You don't want to dance anymore?

But we have only just begun

You say your mother will be home soon?

Well then, I guess we shall have to part ways for now

But we can dance again tomorrow

No you say?

This is the last time?

Fine, if that's what you want to tell yourself

But we both know we will dance again tomorrow