Quick sands of boredom surround us all
Over and under and I am sinking in
Sinking so slowly and falling so fast
These colors start to blend

Washing the dirt from my soiled eyes
I can see clearly on this hazy day
Rains of love are nearly forgotten
Washed away in this watery nocturnal eve

Sour air and stinging mosquitoes
A lonely chair in an empty room
Filled with light and shrouded by darkness
A delightfully sickening feeling drifts in
Waving its angelic fingertips in the direction of hell

Watch them all burn
Those innocent of their crimes
Indeed everyone in that case
Think before you speak
For ill-chosen words linger on forever
Branding the fleshy walls of eternity

A drop of blue blood in rivers of flowing red
Purple by the end of the rainbow
Pots of gold to spend when old
In that dark decrepit retirement home
Why don't we fly?
Take a breath and jump
It's not so hard
Just spread your wings and soar

Open your mind and break the cycle
Pick the locks of these sociological shackles
Cast aside these weights of burden
That have grounded you so long