'Q. And A. of Life'
I've got questions
No one can answer
I've got queries locked inside my head
No one knows them
Everyone knows I can't stand it though
I only want an answer
Something so simple
Yet if I get one
It comes with a price
Falling from the sky-they come
Thousands more questions appear
They respond to a lone answer
And they have no worry
Of the pain they cause
I'm always being
All in questions
I did not wish to produce
So much sorrow within my soul
So much agony from all the weight
I cannot support these questions much longer
Why did I have to ask them anyways?
Why did they have to come to me?
An infinite puzzle
I get one answer
A thousand questions take place
I wont win
I wont give up either
Life is just a big puzzle
No one has solved it yet
But I plan to change that