Your Insecurity

I know how you really are
How you wallow in self doubt
How you cry every night
How you always want to shout

You cower behind your 'prodigious' shield
Of muscle, skin, and bone
Disguising your own true self
In a form that's not your own

You attempt to act almighty
So that none of us will see
How pitiful you think you are
How fragile you can be

I know this; I've seen you myself
Without your precious shield
You are truly a pure person
If you decide to be revealed

But always hiding, always scared
Is how you always are
Your shield and your 'protection'
Keep you from getting far

Your security's a shield of glass
It will eventually shatter
Leaving you without a hiding place
A 'devastating' matter

If one day you learn to trust your friends
Your friends will trust you back
But until then, when you learn to trust
Friends are what you lack