My Love

I see your face everyday

And I can't help but smile

Your long brown hair and hazel eyes

Your voice of a million angels

I gaze upon your angelic face

And I can't help but love you

For you are who you are

And you are the most wonderful person I know

You seem to have such a lust for life

And I thirst for ambition

Qualities so rare in the people of today

Forgotten in the timeless journeys to the present

You have your troubles as all people do

But love me back and I will soothe your pain

No tears will ever escape you eyes

For you will have no reason to cry

No sorrow will tread upon your soul

For I shall take on your emotional burdens

Then carry them as my own

I will always be there no matter what

All you have to do

Is be there for me too

For my love will reach you no matter where you are

It will be light at the end of the darkest tunnel

The land amidst an endless ocean

It will be the lone star in the eternal skies of night

For I love you now and forever

And nothing you ever do will ever change that

For as long as I'm living

My love you will be

My only wish is that you could see

How much I truly love you

And be with me