The Lilly

A beautiful flower
Resting upon these calm waters
With elegant white petals
And vibrant green leaves
Floating with out effort
Shining in the sun
One of nature's perfections
At it is very best

But then the sky grows dark
And the raindrops start to fall
Falling fast with fury
Pelting the peaceful flower
But with elegance and grace
The raindrops just flow off
Setting in the water
So gently and so soft

As now, the winds start picking up
Thrashing the flower with all its might
Tossing it and turning it
Just like a broken kite
A las this flower shall not give in and fight
She will just go with the flow
Until all is right

As the raindrops cease
The winds die down
Sun will reappear
With out the slightest sound
Shining down upon the Lilly
Which has survived this stormy weather
With the elegance and grace
Unlike a floating feather
Resting now upon these calm waters
Just shining in the sun
With the vibrance and beauty
Of which we had begun