Light glittered down through the narrow slits of my sleepy eyes, forcing me to rise from my peaceful slumber. I slid myself off the soft patch of earth that I was laying on and proceeded to stretch my arms to the heavens. My head tilted lazily to my right as I continued to shift the joints in my body, relieving them of the pressure they had accumulated from the night before.

I had recalled that there had been a full moon out last night, its sliver light calling me to it, making me long for the deep woods once more. I Had been driven from my home many years ago for my obsession with the moon and those who heard its calling like I had were put to death before they could escape. I could remember the death mask that my mother had been wearing on that night; I could still hear her last words echoing through my head. "Run" she had told me "Run before they come for you too boy. Go to the mountains and hide, you should be safe there." That was the last time I saw her alive.

It was always after the full moon that I would wake to find myself covered in blood, mutilated animal parts hanging from my tattered clothes. It was strange to find that, even after I had patched it countless times, a hole would appear in the backside of my britches, right where my tailbone should be. I had merely dismissed this for most of my life and so had my parents.

The thick blanked of fog had finally started to move out of the valley that I had been overlooking. From my vantage point I could barley make out the speck that I had come from. It had been nearly a year since I last looked over the town and everything seemed to be in its place in the valley below. I had decided that it was far past time for me to finally go back.

I went to the meadow where all my things laid and gathered them up in a deerskin sack, sliding a stick through the loop I had made and slung it over my shoulder. I went into the valley at a leisurely pace, stopping at places to examine the mighty trees that had grown. In all my time away from home I had come to learn a few things about myself. I could hear the trees sing to me during a cool spring shower and I could understand the words that the wind had to say when it begun to howl. My mind was bound to the forest behind me but I had to go home or else my mind would split in two.

I arrived at the clearing surrounding the town and found myself greeted by an iron fence. It bothered me just by existing but other than that there was nothing stopping me from marching right on in. I shifted my bag, quickened my pace and before the sun had set I was standing in front of the old church.

People gathered around me and stared, they all gawked at me as if I were some kind of monster. A small girl lifted up her arm and pointed at my head screaming "Werewolf!". I looked around and could see all of the villagers slowly take up stones and they started to hurl them at me with vengeance. I was now in a panic and bolted for the old church doors. Once I was inside I begun to seal off the door by pushing rows of benches against them.

I couldn't believe why that little girl had said that was true but after I looked at my hands I couldn't argue with her. My fingernails had become claws, black as the night and razor sharp. My hands were covered in a lustery silver fur, taking any way I could fight back against them away from me. I lowered myself on to my haunches and started to think of how to get away but my mind was cursed with visions of my demise. I heard a noise come from the alter and felt my ears shift to its direction.

Down through the isles came a battered old priest with skin as yellow as the ancient bible he read from. He placed his hand gently on my shoulder and squeezed for a moment as if he were trying to reassure me that I would be ok. He moved fluidly to the buildup of benches and motioned me with one of his bony fingers to help him move them away.

I could hear the angry cries coming through the door as well as the sound of rocks being pelted across the walls. The priest slid the oaken doors out and hovered through the doors to calm the angry mob down. I was astonished at how quickly it had happened but after a few moments and through the fact that it was still day out, the villagers started to shuffle away.

After the crowd had dispersed the ancient priest took me back into the farthest reaches of the church where he proceeded to pour a bowl of holy water on to my head. He looked let with mild amusement as the water made my fur trickle down into my eyes. He told what he had managed to arrange with the villagers and stated that as long as I worked under the roof of the church, under his care, the villagers would not take another attempt at my life. My hopes were short lived for I wound not be there more than a week before the priest passed away.