There isn't much I can say
You just do everything the right way
Every second flies by
I barely have time to sigh
The day light hours slip away and fall to night
The silver light of the moon shines bright
Shadows lay and wait like nothing
But the wind whispers of something
To the midnight crow
Everything that shines is a show
Bathed in the harvest moon
For even the darkness knows morning arrives soon
Hands of the tree reach for the window's sill
For a lone figure perches on a solitary hill
Out among the lonely for his ways of sadistic
But still even he is a romantic
He just adds a queer twist to his love
So the symbol of his affection isn't the traditional dove
But the raven from the islands of midnight passage
And 'tis the vulture that carries the message
For love is not always viewed from the side of good
Instead viewed from many angles like it should
Vile admiration is sent to thee; Ditto
And in each word it's meant to say 'I Love You So'