The Real You

I've had enough
these games you play
you confuse my heart
dont know when you're playing
and when you're serious
the difference is negilible

I wont play these games
this old soul thought you were
the half it was missing
but I dont know you anymore
wondering how and why
I ever thought you were part of me
you're someone else
leave me as something else
your parts infected me
chaning me into something
I wish I never was

I hate this mask that you wear
saying you're innocent as a school girl
when you're so kinky and obscene
pushing me away from your heart
from the real you
yet stroking my sex
as if to distract my heart

You whisper to me
how you want me
you just lust over
what you can't have
you've corrupted me
but I've finally seen though this smokescreen
seen the real you
a shallow little girl
who drowns in her tears
every night to fall asleep
never recovering from the pain
trying in vain to rid yourself of it
but the embraces of men
and thinking they love you
when all they do is use you

Your concept
that sex is love
is antiquated
Oh I'm old fashioned?
From a different century perhaps?
then i guess I am
at least I dont lie and hide
the real me

Sorry I fell under your spell
it wasn't that strong anyway
and seen the real you
the one you hid from me
but now I've seen it
I had to let you go
because I have no time
for little girl

I'll miss your lips
your sugarcoated lies
the fake i love yous
and the unbridled passion
I have no business
being with a little girl
who thinks she's a woman
now that i've seen the real you.

A/N: i swear i published a short poem called The Real You.