Major Carlin stepped out of the humvee, having arrived safely at the bottom of the cliff. The rest of the platoon piled out of the humvees. No one spoke as everyone tried to take in what they were seeing. About fifty feet from the side of the cliff, three cop cars lay in almost unrecognizable heaps of scorched metal and hot flames licked their sides. Another twenty five feet away from the cliff lay the smoking ruins of the third humvee, less damaged then the cop cars but still badly beaten up. The soft wine of a still working hover coil could be heard over the even softer sound of the flames reaching up along its sides. The wildlife in the woods around them was quite active and birds were fluttering on and off a nearby pond in fear.

"Spread out and search for him. Third squad, I want you to inspect the wreckage itself." Squad leaders all responded in the affirmative and the platoon spread out to search. "Make it fast. The French know we're here now. Whether he survived or not, we've got to get out of here or none of us will survive."

The men and woman of 1st Platoon began their search in earnest. No bush was left unchecked. Five minutes into the search, Carlin heard a gasping sound coming from the nearby pond. He turned around and saw Weigand crawling out of the water on all fours, like some sort of wild beast. He ran over and pulled him up.

"Weigand, are you okay? What the hell happened?" Seeing that Weigand was to banged up to respond immediately, Carlin took the opportunity to call everyone back. After a few coughs in which small amounts of water were expelled, Weigand straightened up, still out of breath but looking healthy.

"Major, I am so glad to see you."

"As am I, Weigand, as am I." he paused for a moment and the two of them just looked at each other. Finally, Carlin continued. "You going to tell us how you survived that plunge or are you going to leave your comrades and I wondering?

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that. Unfortunately, I'm not one hundred percent sure how I did survive. I remember getting thrown from the vehicle and I guess I landed in that pond. After that, the first thing I remember is crawling out of it."

"Weigand, you were in that pond for over five minutes."

Weigand looked startled at the revelation. "I was? How?"

"How you were in a pond for five minutes is easy. You fell into the pond and didn't get out for over five minutes. The question is, how did you survive for five minutes in a pond without any air?"

Wiegand stood there for a moment looking at the ground with a stumped expression on his face. When he looked up, he saw that the whole platoon was looking at him expectantly. "What are you all doing looking at me? I already told you I didn't remember anything."

"Well, Weigand, you can't expect any of us to know how you survived. You're-" Corporal Jennings cut him off.

"Major, with all due respect, if he says he doesn't know, I say we just forget about it and keep moving. We're in the middle of enemy territory here. We can't sit around having a debate on how Weigand survived. He did, and that's all that matters."

Carlin nodded, turning away from Weigand. "Alright, everyone in the humvees. We're going back in with guns blazing. No witnesses are to be left alive and the stores we take from are to be burned to the ground. Make it look like we're just trying to scare civilians in other towns with this act of violence rather then make it look like we're actually doing something important." The platoon piled into their vehicles and the drivers hit the gas. Within minutes, they were at the edge of town.

The sound of the machine gun on top of the humvee blazing away was enough to make Carlin want to cover his ears. R.C. Steele was making quite a racket shooting civilians. Looking out the window, Carlin could see over a dozen bodies already littering the ground. A tear rolled down his cheek as he thought about how many people they were going to have to kill today. All of them would be civilians, helpless bystanders in a war they didn't want to fight. Their luck was about to run out today.

"Everyone out of the vehicles!" Carlin shouted over the noise of the machine gun. In the other humvee, Private Whyte was tearing up just as many civilians with his machine gun. The soldiers of 1st Platoon began to pile out of both humvees. With a grim look on his face, Corporal Jennings brought up his A-54 assault rife and fired off a three round burst, sending a Frenchman sprawling onto the ground.

Carlin looked around him at the devastation. "Move in. Kill anyone in your way and take everything you need to. Leave behind no evidence."

The soldiers around him nodded and moved off, kicking in the doors of the nearest cloths places. Under five minutes after they had entered the town, 1st platoon pulled out, leaving behind a burning village.

"Did we get everything that we needed from there?" Carlin asked.

"We did, sir. Two dozen sets of civilian cloths as well as food. We should be set for the trip to Paris and back."

"Okay then. We have just over fifty hours left before the Prime Minister makes his speech in Paris. We just have to get there, get in, kill one man, and get out. I hope you're all ready to die, because I doubt we'll be going home."

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