I made a mistake

I admit it

It's no big deal

I'm only human after all

But why do you have to yell

And make me feel bad

Didn't you ever make mistakes too?

I made a mistake

I knew the moment

After I had done it.

I knew I made a mistake

And your frustrated, I can tell

You're wondering about how I could do this

Make the mistake

And you're wondering if it's your fault

That I made it

And you're angry with yourself

But why take it out on me?

You call me names

I'm not sure I deserve them

Though you make me feel like I do

You call me selfish, bitch, and asshole

What you call me hurts me

And I want to cry, and scream, and make you regret them

But I can't

Not to you

All I can do, is stand there

Looking at you

While you screw your face up

And scream

At me

Please stop...