I wake up after a long sleep

I'm pretty sure I missed my entrance

But from the number of people in the stands

It looks like we haven't even started

Maybe I hit my head against the wall too many times

I knew I should have stopped when blood started slithering down the bricks

But it looks like someone's been in and they've cleaned up the mess

It was my try but I think I destroyed it

I can't even remember what I did to deserve this

Make sure the bathrooms have soap because there's dirt on my hands

That I can't seem to get off

Slamming a pit can be painful if not done correctly

Don't even think about shining that into my eyes

I'm pretty sure I can help myself up

Spin around until you collapse and lay spitting on the floor

Someone please look up the word 'yesterday' in the dictionary

I can't seem to remember what it means

Maybe it'll give me a clue to when I am

Our progeny is screwed up in the head but we don't care as long as we're still alive

I seem to have misplaced my script

Maybe I left it at home on the couch next to the can full of empty bottles

I've messed up this time

We try to be different but we're the same as always

I need to get out of here

The people in the stands are glittering too much

Diamonds and jewelry hurt my eyes against the stage lights

I feel money pass around the stands like covert shadows

Someone crack a window

The players are suffocating in this stuffed up heap of dust and galore

If you breathe hard enough

You can taste the stench of jealousy floating around backstage

They think they know what they're talking about

Same as we know what we're listening too

But sooner or later we're on the floor sleeping like children

While stiffed necked men and their wives watch us humiliate ourselves under the curtain

Think they're wild but really they're tame as a summer breeze

While we're the ones who are screaming our guts out in the wings

You thought right if you know that the audience won't be able to handle

The show we're about to put on for them

Maybe they've never seen spilled blood before

Maybe they didn't realize that we're beastly savages who can handle what they can't

I can't think of any other reason why they would be screaming

Like we've just ripped off their pretentious masks

We steal shadows as they abandon all pretenses and leave the arena

Shattering windows with their shrill voices as they go

Maybe I should quit this business

I'm really not sure that acting is my style

But you underestimated yourself by coming here and running when we told you

That what you saw was life

A/N: For the record, I had no idea where that came from.

Actually I do. I just don't feel like explaining.