Good morning

You greet me with puffy eyes and a growling stomach
Awoken from an eight hour fast

All you can think about is food
So you remove me from the dreary carton
And crack me once against the cool pan edge
Pouring me out, sunny side up

I cannot serve my purpose within that rigid shell
But now I am vulnerable
Exposed to the crimson sun that arises from the East

I slide across the metal pan
The warmth adhering to my liquid flesh

You begin to season me
But the pepper itches
And the salt stings

I hover above the melting pot
Inch thick metal
The only barrier between me
And the searing heat

In your eyes I appear runny and undone
You cannot see
I boil and start to golden

How can I ever be completed
If you do not flip me over
And let me see the softer side

But I come second to your bitter coffee
And the early morning news

So I lie here
Enduring this onslaught of pain
Until I cannot help but sizzle
Omitting that charred perfume

You realize my mistake and curse me under your breath
Though my loss is of little matter
As there are a shy dozen shelled eggs left
To appease your hungry inhibitions

And now you have ruined me
Fed me to the dogs
But at least you remembered to keep things
Sunny side up

A/N: So what'd think? Heh heh. This came to me when I was in the shower.
Mmm.a shower sounds nice.