What is a hero:

What is a hero?
As a child we learned that a hero is someone who's brave
Always does good,
Fights the bad guys,
And has a power that no one can compare to.
Yet there are other heroes that we learn of
The ones who help,
Stand up,
The quiet ones,
Who move people with their words,
Not their actions.
A hero can save someone's life
or physically.
There are also heroes, who walk into a situation,
No idea what the hell they're doing,
They just do it.
But is that all there is to a hero?
What is a hero?
People can spend their entire lives coming up with an answer
To a question with three simple words
And one big word
What is a hero?
The answer is everything actually
Combine everything
And you get a hero.
We're all heroes in our own way
To everyone else,
You are just another person
No one cares...
Because to one person,
You can be their hero.