a/n: Don't have a real title yet but I'm thinking about 'The Prophecy of Sacrifice'.tell me what ya think..R/R!

On the planet of Beziana, life was peaceful. Most everyone was happy with their lives and cherished their moments together. That is, until one day a great evil arose and killed the vatorian that was the only source of power the planet had. Once she had died the world started to fall apart, piece by piece. Now a young man name Alexander (Xander for short) starts to have visions. They come to him in his dreams and they are about the "vatorian to come." He finds out that the enemy already has their sights out to kill her. He must get to her in time to save her and get her to the temple of Piaro so she can make a sacrifice for the world. But little did they know that the sacrifice would be a deadly one..

A/n: So tell me what ya course I'm going to add to the story, but it's a vague bio for now!