I miss you
I can't go through with it without you
My life's a drift like a ship at sea
The guiding light is what I need to see
Be the light house for me
So I can always make it home
Be the torch in the dark catacomb
To lead me through the darkest of times
And to help me produce these rhymes
You are the reason I get up in the morning
With you gone my life would be boring
When you first came into my life it was almost nothing
But as you left I could see it was really something
Recovering is a waste
Cause you have been the sweetest taste
My lips have ever had
I should be glad
That this took place
But I can't ever forget your smiling face
Some memories are forgotten
Some cemeteries are left rotten
But the memory of you will never meet that fate
For you'll stay untouched at the gate
Whither it's Heaven's or Hell's
I don't care how many souls he sells
I just want yours to return
For my heart yearn
For you
I want you back cause I love you