Back Inside
"So what is it?"
"Hold on. I have to go and grab it off my lap top."
Tina was gone for only few minutes and when she gets back she
sees that some of her classmates are hitting on him. "Hey, I'm back.
Are you sure that you want this."
"Ok. Here it is."
" 'An Ode To The One That I Love,' I love it already."
"Read it out loud if you want."
"Sure. "With this ring, I will honor
and love thee until I
Lie awake on my deathbed."
Whether its tomorrow or in fifty years
When I'm old and my hair is all
gray. And when I look up from
My own weak, weary and fragile body - I look up and
Still see the young man I married
So many years ago,
When we were still young and free-spirited
With wild ideas in our heads
I still recall the time when everyone in town
Said that we wouldn't make it five years together
without fighting.
And to this day I can only
remember only a few times
When we disputed about how to
discipline our children when
They got into a fight at school
Over a girl or over a boy that they
Had a crush on at that time.
"As Elvis put it "Love me tender, Love me true.
and I always will."
And that's what I've done
For the past seventy-eight years of my life;
devoted to doing all of your laundry, and the
Cookin', and mending your clothes and
Raising the children while your
Off at work risking your life everyday out on the
Streets as a cop, the local sheriff
You were always a Man Of Respect
In this one-horse town.

While I'm writing this
on my deathbed
I look up and see my lovely children
My grandchildren and even some of
My great-grandchildren preparing themselves
For when my time comes.
But if there's one thing I want you
to have and to hold for the rest of
Your life is this:
When you are old, like I am right now and in my shoes; Have
No regrets; Have no worries about how you messed up with whatever you
Think is necessary to worry about.
Just be happy and fortunate with what time that you've been able t
to spend
With the ones that you love the most because
Some may have only had a few days to do
Just that.
I fear that tonight is my last night
here on Earth with my loved ones
I hope they know and realize just
how much they mean to me.
Especially my own children, and grandchildren
Who I've very much spoiled rotten through out
the years.
That everything that I did, no matter if it was right or wrong
That I did it because I love them with all of my heart and soul
"My loves, please don't cry for me
while I'm still breathing,
Don't look at me like I'm already dead,
when I'm not yet.
For I will always be alive in
your hearts and in your mind;
And I'll be watching you from up above,
watching every move that you make; hoping and
Praying that you do what is right
You all are angels sent down from
Our lord about to watch the next generation
grow up and take care of you all
When you get old enough for retirement and
Your children are off away at college or out
Trying to find their soul mate
while trying to make an honest living
By working at a restaurant while paying
for school.
My love, I am no longer afraid
of what is going to happen to me
Because I know that you'll
be right there at my side,
Supporting, and loving me every minute
"For better or worse, I will always be faithful to you"
That is what we promised each other those seventy-eight years ago
And that's what we have done together.
Listen, do you hear that, the kids have put on our
favorite songs from way back when, when we first met.
All of our old favorite songs to dance to when we both were able to
And you, you always knew how and when to sweep me off of my feet every
single time. And for that I will always love you, better after death
My time is drawing in closer than I thought
And now I'm wishing I could just have one
more day, or maybe just one more minute with
The one that I love the most,
But I know that I can't
And that what's done is done and no turning back the end of time.
For I will always be alive in their hearts..
Now that I'm gone, no longer with my loved ones
they're singing my granddaughter's favorite song by Train,
"Calling All Angels" because she believes that one-day I'll be an
and that she'll be calling for help when she can't make it on
her own,
They all are singing it also because they believe that in time I will
an angel, if I'm not one already.
When I was alive I told all of them that if they ever need someone to
watch over them more closely, to just sing any of my favorite songs
That I'd hear it and would know what was going on.
No matter what day, time, place, or light year it was;
I'd always be there for them in spirit.
If there was one person, besides my loving husband, that
I will always miss.
It would be my oldest granddaughter, who
Loves to read poetry and books from famous writers like Moliere,
Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare,
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rosetti, and many others
from all different Centuries who brought life, love, romance,
And true passion, for what they wrote about no matter what the topic
was about
The last poem my loving granddaughter read to me at my bedside
"How Do I Love Thee?" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and while
She read it to me I saw my husband for seventy-eight years
try to hold back the tears that wanted to flow right out of his
And after she was finished reading the poem-we, my husband and I
Re-sighted our wedding vows for the last time together here on Earth
And the next time we'll be together again is where I am now.
In Heaven."
"Well, what do you think of it?" asked Tina, gingerly.
"I never knew that you could write like this. I.I love it. It's
amazing. I just might have to do something that I've been wanting to
do since I called you this morning."
"Like what."
"Let's just say that there is a surprise for you in our room."
"Oh really."
"Yeah, it's called wait and find out when we get there."