You are a khusra,
Screw you uloo kay pathay,
Kameenay! I dreamed of you!
You were my sub kuch,
I thought you pyaared me!
How could you pyaar that kuta?
You were my papu,
my cheetay, my jigar!
When I came and dekha you,
in bistar with that kuta,
you were not soya hua,
instead you were doing kuch aur!
My dil broken,
It will never be durust again,
Never, Never,
Kabhi nahin!
When you aya yesterday,
I got a lot of ghusa,
My heart went dhrak dhrak,
My eyes were pharofied,
I pheka you in the gutter,
then I chapaired you!
You Zaleel! I nafrat you!
Now you go away,
Because I never want to dekh you,
Jao with your kuta,
Go get shaddi,
go to khusra association!
How could you karofy this to me?
Jahannum main ja kameenay!
Dur fitay moo tera!

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