For a Friend

You were there.
You were always there.
I cried.
And you were there.
I laughed,
And you were there.
You were always there
You were a friend.
I know you wouldn't
Want us to grieve
You always said
You'd want to be
Mourned in Laughter.
Laughter with a capital
You liked capitals.
We tried not to cry.
But the grief was too great
We all tried to laugh,
When they read your favorite jokes,
When they played that song
You'd always said you
Wanted played
If you died.
Of course, you always said when.
When you died.
I brought my CD to your wake
And bumped off the Irish
Fiddle player.
We'd thought you'd like that.
And- you'll be proud of me for this-
I laughed.
And I could feel, in that one moment,
You were there,
Laughing with me.
Thank you.
Words cannot express
The mixed emotions felt now
You knew it was coming,
For you, sooner than most.
You knew, and didn't care.
You were brave.
And so I thank you
Laughing with me.
So, now I try,
To laugh, Right now- see?
A smile-
And when I do,
I can feel it-
You are there.

In loving memory of Siofra, like an older sister to me, and Amy's real
older sister. Died February 24, 2004, on her sixteenth birthday. She had
Acute Malignant Leukemia, but didn't die of that. She was killed by a
drunk driver, hit walking home from school. We knew we'd lose you, Siofra.
I just hoped it wouldn't be this soon.