My Tears

In my eyes I am not good enough
I am not worthy of my own friends
And I don't mean anything to anyone else
So why do I even try to make amends

Tears make me feel foolish
So I always hold them back
But I cannot show my weakness
For I am ashamed of what I lack

I've built up walls around myself
Because they make me feel secure
I don't mean to push everyone away
But I can't help but feel so unsure

Tears form behind my eyes
As I try to hold them back
But I cannot hide my weakness
For I have been broken by what I lack

Sometimes I feel like I have to hurt myself
Just to prove that they really do care
But I know I am much too cowardly
To actually go through with the dare

The tears are flowing freely now
As I fail to hold them back
But I cannot overcome my weakness
For it is too late to replace what I lack

Tears are the root of my emotions
Never failing to wash away the pain
And although they make me feel foolish
They always make me strong again