I am my own product on display.

I sell you my pain and heartache,

Then I give you the live show.

This is what it is to know me.

You know my sufferings, and disappointments.

My shortcomings and my achievements.

It's like watching a movie.

You see these things happening

But you can't make the main character change their actions.

You just witness this life go by

And know you have no influence in it.

However once the movie is over,

You feel this enlightenment and sorrow.

And when you experience happiness

It tastes so much sweeter,

Even if only for a moment.

This is how I affect your life.

As I sit here and watch the movie of my life go by,

I realize I am the only one who can change it.

It is my story and my creation.

There for I chose the ending.

But I haven't had that inspiration come to me yet.

I know nothing of happy endings.

And my only hope is to not have expectations so high,

That it will lead to disappointment.