Even the worst, cheesiest, pre-teen popstar holds a bit of genius in herself, as long as she has become popular. Or at least, her staff does. Whereas in the scientific field, genius is the ability to make earth- breaking theories, it is nowadays in the world-wide artistic scene the mastery of show-business rhetoric. And succeeding in this field means being a good communicator, even for the shortest period of time. Recently a young woman has fabulously attracted the spotlight toward her, for her most exquisite delight: the eldest heiress of the Hilton family, the infamous socialite Paris Hilton. She can be accurately called a good communicator, but not yet a perfect one.

This woman is, in addition to being young, described as "hot" by the common male. She is tall and thin, blonde and Caucasian, which happen to be the modern cannons of western beauty. This quality makes her so stunning that people most often refer to her as a fashion model, the job of being beautiful. For a reason explained by human nature, people are more receptive to charismatic people; take a guru with a knack for language or a pretty person irradiating purity, and you instigate an audience head over heels ready to listen, almost willing to be brainwashed. With this major asset, Paris Hilton is able to take over the media anytime. And she already has; she played in a "hilarious" reality-show, The Simple Life, and might be the next one to host Miss USA Pageant . "because she would give the pageant its highest TV ratings", said the owner of the formerly called beauty contest.

Despite her minimal efforts to deserve it, the young woman is heart- breakingly rich. Being the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton Hotels, she and her family can afford anything she wants, mainly living without having to work. As a matter of fact, young Paris didn't feel like going to college, preferring celebrity and partying to ten more years of academic study. Being rich allows her to enhance her image, to gain air time, spokespersons, various useless staff, to hire lawyers, which all leads to fear from her opponents. For example, her family, evaluated at $300 million, sued an internet company for displaying the controversial amateur porn video on the world wide web, thus dirtying her "poor little rich girl" image. Being rich does not make you a better communicator per se, but it sure gives you the tools to become one.

Finally, the girl strives for celebrity, and any occasion is good to show herself to the world. She once went topless in a bar to attract a male's attention, and danced on bar tables. Another night, she pushed her way in front of a bathroom queue, saying she wanted to look at herself in the mirror. Her self-absorption often goes too far, making her unattractive - but tabloids love that kind of juicy story that appeals to the crowd starving for celebrity gossips. Paris wanted to be in the spotlight the easy way; she won great popularity and controversy. A well-known fashion designer criticized her revealing clothes at a certain event, stating that "Paris Hilton attends everything, even the opening of your grocery bags". The more one is seen, the more one's audience grows, and thus the more one becomes a communicator. And if people actually listen to that person, or have interest in her, she becomes a good communicator.

The self-centered, uninhibited Hilton heiress succeeded in standing in the spotlight for quite a couple of years now. She succeeded at last in getting attention, using three fine qualities not recommended for the common mortal: beauty, money and shameless self-promotion. She became a widely reachable communicator, but nowadays people agree to say she has no personality, and they only have interest in her porn performances. Her future book will be read, but not taken seriously, while half of her internet broadcasting revolves around the famous porn video published by Rick Solomon. There is a wave of influent people, though, mainly magazine editors and photographers, who want to help her acquiring a cleaner image of herself, dressing her decently, accepting to produce her shoe designs, publishing her writings.