Suicidal Someones
You can't die!
No, not you (never you)
you're the best friend I
ever had and if I loose you
I'll fucking die too. Darling, you
can't die! You can't, okay?
I don't even know how to
tell you; to explain
that I love you in every
possible way & I can't put
into words how much I
need and how much I
couldn't stand it (I'd die,
too) if you were gone.
You can't leave me, you're
my reason for moving
my reason for eating, for
working, for sleeping, for pissing,
for living, for loving
and all I can do is
implore you not to do this,
(if only I could make it
better) because you
can't die, not you.

And maybe these words
are selfish; I know you're not
happy, but you won't be better
off dead. You're twice the writer
I am, and twice the friend
and a thousand times, don't die.
I couldn't fucking stand it, okay?