Tattered Hope

A silent shadow in twilights night,
Drifting through its tainted light,
Standing there to fade away,
Waiting for a better day.

The kinfe comes down,
Striking the chest,
Splitting in two the soft hearted breast.

Tattered and torn the shade moves along,
Taking its place a black hearted log,
A broken fragment of things once done,
It moves along and hides from the sun.

What has been done had created the shade,
Through acts of hatred ti was made,
For the woulds you left in its chest,
It is better to be put to rest.

You move along,
Appearing innocent and free,
NOt bothering to look at what's left of me.

The shade stops,
Dead in its tracks,
Taking its place among the shattered of your past.


LordUltima: I wrote this as a dark reminder of why I do not deal well with people anymore. It only takes one to destroy your will and make our life feel... hopeless