You know when there's this voice inside your head yelling at you about what
you have to be? And how you're never good enough? Especially compared to
Britney spears or any of her Barbie doll wanna be's!

Wake up in the morning
And wonder who she'll be
That girl who wears my face all day
The one they think is me

She has this cheery smile
That brightens up the room
And everybody knows her name
I wait inside my tomb

When she gets back home again
That smile just disappears
She tells me that I'm worthless
She feeds upon my tears

She takes us to a mirror
And stares out through my eyes
She laughs and tells me I'm no good
And laughs more when I cry

I listen to her yelling
Right inside my head
That everyone thinks I'm pathetic
How they wish I were dead

She tells me that I need her
To make that smile last
Its her they love and never me
I'm trapped inside my mask

Her face stares back from billboards
And adverts on TV
She is everything that's desirable
And delights in taunting me

She keeps it up for hours
Till I hate my own skin
The knife blade opens up my arm
Bleed her out and let me in

I wake up every morning
And try to hide my scars
I watch her putting on that smile
She laughs and laughs and laughs

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^shadow _spirit^