He saw her in the hall,
She was only a friend to him,
Didn't know him well,
But she was still a friend.
Argued, Talked, normal friend
He should say goodbye.
The last bell rang,
and he took her in his arms,
"Goodbye" he told her.
His outside was the same,
But on the inside he was breaking,
for she didn't know the real message behind his embrace.
They parted their separate ways.
Only one knew the course of the future events.

Fast Forward.

His outside was the same,
Yet on the inside he was breaking,
Though nothing could change his mind,
As he took one step off the stool,
and took one last breath.
Emotions are silly aren't they?
Yet we depend on them so much
enough to end or start our lives.
Are they then so silly?

Fast Forward

She stands there in grey,
standing there with tears in her eyes.
She's still confused,
Emotions aren't a silly thing anymore.
Everyone who cares pays their respects
And slowly he is lowered into the ground.
She goes home with tears in her eyes,
For one of her dear friends is gone forever.
She gets into her pajamas,
And throws the grey into a drawer,
Knowing she'll never wear it again.
The memories are too painful.

Fast Forward

Time goes on,
People live,
People die.
Some memories are there,
Some aren't.
Some remember,
And some forget.
Though no matter the case,
Deep down,
She still remembers,
Of a friend who decided that emotions were too much
And took one step off a stool,
and changed the world.
She goes on,
And maybe she'll forget,
Most likely not,
But if she does,

I will be there,
And I still remember,
I still see her cry,
As I went off,
Not knowing that my life changed too,

Because even one action you take,
Affects greatly the lives of those close by,
And almost equally the lives of those near the close,
One simple action,
Will always make you be remembered,
And never forget that.

Dedicated to Matt... You will always be remembered. May you rest in peace. ~Raven Demon~