You say you hate your life

You say people treat you so

So mean and cruel

How they judge and hurt you

How they act if they knew you

Know what you have gone through

And your tired of it

You hate all the things they do

You're tired of being treated like crap

You're tried of be outcasted and alone

Now you say you want to die

Can't go on living

Can't bear the misery

Rants about dying, killing yourself

Everyone starts to look at you a lil funny

Now your for sure your going to die

Go ahead, stop your bullshit

Stop your pity posting of the horror

Go now, don't hold back

End your life, if you say it's so bad

Author's Comments:

Don't worry, I'm like you too I'm a person who bitch and whine about their life
And just sit there doing nothing not trying to make it then again I might
be wrong. As for the others, you know who you are, there is always a new day.
All we have to do is to push and push harder and harder until our arms break off.