Within desecrated places Evil Eddie works for Mad Diodate, everyone knows.

He slams the door because no one had ever taught him any better, and by the time Diodate had gotten his hands on him, it was far too late to teach him any better. The man, cursed by the holy voudun practitioners as a perverter of faiths, spit upon his name, but for Evil Eddie and the denizens of the house indisputably haunted he is provocative Power.

The ghosts moan at him but Eddie swats them aside good naturedly, and deals equal treatment to the curious imps. His dramatic entrance is spoiled by the lack of a certain important part of his theatrics, namely Diodate in his chair. Curious and lightly frustrated, he scowls, a hard feat for him as his face is cut in a perpetual smile, and traipses downstairs to the laboratory where Diodate must be if he isn't waiting for him in the chair.

Only lightly miffed, Eddie's face snaps back in to its perpetual grin as the metal stripped walls arc little purple glints of eclectic power, occasionally reaching out to say hello. He waves them aside impatiently, down to where Diodate must be impatiently waiting for the finishing components to the pale body parts on the table.

The mad one, however, is not dithering nervously as expected, but sitting engrossed in a book while coffee brews in a random container. The coffee reaches out with a dripping hand to crawl out, however, Diodate has other ideas and calmly rapped the hand with his knife, and subsequently turned the page.

Eddie frowned again, his eyebrows drawing together was the only was you could tell of course, and tapped his foot impatiently. He cleared his throat and was patiently ignored. He tried again with similar results, then picked up a near by vial of something liquid and threw it at him. It seemed to be more of a reflex that Diodate dodged, but Eddie's eye twitched nonetheless as the imps crawling around his feet lunged for the vial.

"Victor!" he roared in his best Igor voice, waiting for the voodoo magician to pay attention.

"Yes?" Slightly irritated, Diodate answered, closing the book with a light slam. The dust poured out and caused him to cough lightly.

"Supplies Dio!" With a great flourish Eddie produced the corpse, his grin threatening to slide off of his face.

"I really wish you wouldn't refer to them in that way Eddie." The magician said, looking perturbed.

"Very well," Eddie rolled his eyes. "The child is here!"

"Lovely, would you mind putting her someplace on that table?" Diodate said, motioning to the other side of the room as he fell back in to his book.

Eddie pouted. As well as he could, which wasn't quite well at all, he did so, highly disgruntled.

"I should burn all your books." Eddie muttered half-heartedly.

"Yes, but then I'd have to remove parts of you I assume you're quite attached to." Diodate said mildly, turning another page.

Eddie thought about it for a moment, and then shrugged in vague agreement. All adoration lost, he tossed the corpse over his shoulder on to the table with the other little girls. Her head cracked against the cold steel, her gold curls bouncing, as Evil Eddie slinked back with the shadows and perched upon the back of the great reading chair of the voodoo desecrater, the great Magician Diodate.