Chapter 6

In Which Turtle and Monkey Find APs

"So," Turtle said, feeling awkward. "How did they react to me being. . . you know?"

"Horse seems kind of worried, and Paprika's acting like she's going to do some sort of 'talk about your feelings' thing. Giraffe doesn't seem to mind," Monkey said openly. Unlike the others, she didn't mind.

Turtle nodded. She had always wanted to be a vampire. They could do all the things she wasn't supposed to do. But being one had put a cloud over her usual eccentric self. "What do you think we should do about the dude who did this? Not to mention Fido, the search pup."

Monkey had forgotten who's fault it was. "Flaming death!" she screeched, flames growing at her fingertips. "How dare they make me so short!"

Turtle laughed. Monkey rarely got this mad, and when she did, she normally just poked somebody.


"It's just so wierd that it's funny!" Turtle explained, still laughing.

"Ri-ight. . ."

That just made Turtle laugh harder. Monkey joined in, until she flew into a tree. Turtle laughed until she couldn't breath, and only stopped when lack of oxygen forced her to. "Monkey? Monkey?" She picked up the little sprite. "Are you okay?"

"Damn it!" Monkey screeched. Fire sprites are very temperamental. She lit the tree on fire and laughed maniacally. Unfortunately, the flames went out almost immediately due to the previous storm, which had made the wood to wet to burn. Monkey frowned, her hopes crushed, like a bug under combat boots. "Damn," she said quietly.

Turtle gaped in awe. "I think that's the first time I've ever heard you swear." She applauded politely.

"Whatever." Monkey continued," So what does the book say about those people we're supposed to be looking for?"

Turtle opened the book. "It has a map to find them all, but it says here that we should look for FOO! first."

"Who's FOO!?"

"I am FOO!" shrieked a teenage boy while swinging on a vine, trying to look gallant.

"Think we found him," Turtle said slowly, watching FOO! swing "gallantly" into a tree. He fell and landed on a stump.

"I'm OKAY!" he said, still trying to act cool.

"Oh, darn." Monkey pouted. Fire sprites are also fond of violence.

"Monkey, be nice," Turtle said sarcastically. "He didn't do anything to us. Directly."

"He interrupted a perfectly good conversation," said Monkey. "That's something."

"But still, according to the book, he's Horse's AP," said Turtle. "Which means he SHOULD know where the others are. Or at least Horse's other AP."

"Fine," said Monkey exasperatedly. She had really wanted to burn something.

FOO! was attempting to get up. "Hi." Monkey just glared. It was his fault she couldn't burn something (namely him).

"Hi. Lovely weather we're having don't you think?" Turtle was actually trying to be polite considering he was Horse's AP.

"But it's been raining," said FOO!.

"Exactly. Storms are fun," said Turtle, unphased by the fact that Monkey was making faces at the thought of the previous storm.

"We're supposed to take you to Horse," Monkey said, sulking. "You suck!"

"What did I ever do to you?" asked FOO!.

"It's your fault that she won't let me burn you to a crisp!" shouted Monkey. "You SUCK!"

"Whatever." FOO! didn't really understand her logic.

"Follow," said Turtle. "Do you know about our situation here?"

"Sort of," said FOO! slowly. He had no idea what she was talking about.

"Well, I'll let Horse explain it to you, seeing as your her AP," said Turtle.

"Okee dokee then," said FOO!, not understanding in the least

The walk back to the cave was mostly silent, until FOO! started humming some cheerful song. Then Monkey screamed at him to shut up, which he did. Then all was silent once again.

~*~Some Time Later~*~

Turtle, Monkey, and FOO! arrived at the cave. FOO! immediately found Horse and said cheerfully, "Hi, I'm FOO!, your AP. I'm supposed to lead you to Nancy, your other AP."

"Will you QUIT with the CHEER!" exclaimed Turtle.

"Fine then," said FOO! sadly.

Will they ever regain their human forms? Will FOO! ever stop being cheerful? Will Monkey get tall again? Find out next time. . .