The Orgy

Aymie- "Hey look! They're having an orgy in that building!"

*Everybody cheers*

Ness- *Evil Laugh*

Laura- "Um...Why are you laughing?"

Ness- "Um...I don't know..." *Evil Laugh*

Laura- "Okay." *Evil Laugh*

Tanya- *Cowers*

Aymie- "Everyone into the building!"

*Everybody runs into the building*

Aymie- "Wait, it's the band Orgy, not an actual orgy." *Sadness*

Ness & Laura- *Evil Laugh*

Tanya- *Cowers* "Why are you laughing?!" *Cowers*

Ness & Laura- *Trance Voice* "I don't know."


Aymie- "I'm gonna go grab the lead singer's butt!"

Laura- *Whispers to Ness* "Let's throw Tanya into the Mosh Pit."

Ness- *Evil Laugh*

Ness & Laura- *Glare at Tanya with evil smile*

Tanya- *Cowers*

Ness & Laura- *Trance Voice* "Come with us, we won't hurt you." *Grab Tanya and throw her in Mosh Pit*

Tanya- "AHHHHHHHHH! NO! Don't touch me!"

Ness & Laura- *Evil Laugh*

Aymie- "I touched the Orgy dude's butt!"