Invasion of the Garzolians
By: Princess Tiara

Chapter 1 The Beginning
"Gather around children, if you want to hear a story," I called walking into the room. My grandchildren perked up and looked over at me.
"What are you going to tell us this time?" asked Katie, my youngest grandchild, as they excitedly scurried over to my 'story telling chair'.
"Well that depends on what kind of story you guys would like to hear," I told her, sitting down in my chair. I leaned back against the pillow, feeling my old bones pop and creak. "Why don't you all decide on something interesting?" They all tried to huddle in a small circle, but that was difficult with ten children. While I waited, I could hear a faint sound of whispers coming from their group. After a while, they dispersed and pulled up a spot on the carpet. Christa, my second oldest grandkid, remained standing. She clasped her hands behind her back and stared me in the eye through her long brown bangs. Her forest green eyes twinkled from under the hair.
"We have decided. The majority requests a story about aliens," said Christa. Having said that, she sat next to her older brother and my eldest grandchild, Greg.
"Alright. Let me think of a good story." I pretended to think hard, scratching the top of my balding head. I all ready had a story in mind but was taking my time telling them. "How about the story of when I meet aliens from our very own universe. How does that sound?" I asked them as I gazed around at their shining, smiling faces.
"Yeah! Tell us that story!" they all exclaimed at the same time.
"All right. It all began on December 31 in the year 5001."

"I'm going home, Jane. I want this report on my desk tomorrow morning," I told her over my shoulder as I headed to the door. I grabbed my coat off the hanger on my way.
"Yes, sir. It'll be ready to read in the morning. Have a good night's sleep. By the way, did you know that tomorrow is January 1, 5001?" Jane asked, not looking up from her computer.
"No, I didn't. Thanks for reminding me." I walked quickly out the door, closing it gently behind me. I rode the elevator down to the company's private parking lot.
'Where is my car?' I thought to myself, 'It should be right here in front of me.' I was standing right where my personal space was, in front of the doors. I turned around to walk back to the office to ask Jane if she had seen my car today. I rode the elevators to the tenth floor. Hearing the ball chime, I stepped out and walked briskly down the hall to my room. I smiled as I saw the door. On it in gold lettering was "Manager, Charles Goodman".
"Jane, have you seen my car today?" I asked I stepped through the personalized door.
"You told me to remind you that your car is in the shop because it was wrecked by some "stupid driver" as you said this morning. I was going to tell you that right before you left, but you rushed out before I could tell you," she replied glancing up at me.
"Oh yeah. Guess I forgot." I could tell I was blushing. I turned and headed out the door. I walked down the steps and began to walk the two miles home. Once I actually started walking, I realized how cold it really was. My breath froze in my nose and me fingers were quickly numbing. Remembering the gloves in my pocket, I pulled them out and put them on. The thin material did little to keep the frigid wind from biting my fingers. Shivering I pulled my jacket closer, trying to trap the warmth produced by my body.
As I turned the corner onto a rarely used back road, I happen to glance up at one of the many trees lining the road, I spotted two large eyes staring at me.
"It could be an extraterrestrial," I said to myself as I began to walk faster. To get my mind off of the three-eyed "thing," I concentrated on finding a cardinal. I keep seeing three-eyed things in every tree and bush. I started to run home, trying to run away from them. Turning down another street, my home street Lionel Ave., I raced downhill to my driveway. When I got to my front door, I house fumbled with the keys trying to find the one to let me in.
After and eternity, which really only lasted for a couple seconds, I found the key. Hurrying I jammed the key in the lock and turned it; the door opened. I flew inside and slammed the door behind me. Making sure the door was locked I nervously walked to the dark kitchen. I pulled the fridge door out to get a can of Pepsi, but one of the extraterrestrial had beaten me to it. It was sitting on top of the box in the fridge. It was hideous! It had a medium sized head, and two eyes. The thing's body was tiny and it's skin was tinted a light blue-gray. It had four spindly legs, two arms, and on each of its arms there were hands with about ten fingers apiece, and no toes on its feet what so ever. It almost looked like a human, except for the extra legs, the skin color, and the fact it had a whole lot more fingers and no toes. It had on blue jeans and an orange button up shirt, which clashed a little with it's skin, and a while T-shirt under it. It wore no shoes what so ever. The clothes looked like they belonged in the twentieth century. In total height, it looked to be about a foot tall.
"Umm. Ugha sufic?" it said. I stared at it with wide green eyes, wondering if I should slam the fridge door shut again and run to my room or to try to talk to it. While I was debating, it hit itself square in the forehead. It then pressed a button on a brown leather belt I had not noticed before.
"Sorry about that. Do you want a soda?" It asked while holding out an unopend can for me.
"Um, ok," I muttered stupidly taking the can of soda from the alien. I pulled one of the kitchen chairs up to the fridge and sat facing the large fridge. I noticed that he had gotten out of the fridge and was sitting in the floor in front of the fridge. It also remembered to shut the door for me. I also realized it had grown a number of feet in height to stand at about seven feet. I was still holding the unopened can of soda. I didn't bother to pop it open and drink the soda. Instead I sat there with the can in my hands. I was frantically trying to figure out where it had come from and what it wanted with me.
I silently asked myself.
"Let me guess, you are not sure where I come from," said the thing, startling me. I stared at it in amazement.
"How did you know? I didn't ask you," I asked in reply.
"I have see how other's react to aliens. Besides I read your facial expressions. I lived on Mars," it said. "My name is Zyphor."
"Where on Mars? I mean we have searched the surface pretty thoroughly, and we didn't find anything. Why did you come to Earth?" I asked intrigued at the fact that there had been life on Mars after all.
"We lived about five or six of your miles below the surface. We came to Earth because we were being slaughtered. My species is in danger of extinction."
"But why have you come here? To me specifically? I mean couldn't the government be of more help?" I asked spitting out the questions like bullets.
"Because you used to be a captain of crew on a ship in World War Three," Zyphor explained patiently. "The government has no such experience. The president is but a young fool himself. He is unconfident this particular area."
"Yeah, but World War Three was years ago. About thirty-five years to be exact. I'm fifty now," I said, shaking my head. I may have a little more experience than the president, but he stronger than I am. He is young, but he could probably fight better than my self." Discouraged, I ran my left hand through my thick black hair. I smiled for a moment realizing how the medical field had advanced over the past 2000 years. Shaking my head slightly, I returned my train of thought to the present situation.
"But we need you to help us!" Zyphor pleaded.
"I can try, but I can't promise," I said slowly, dropping my hand back onto my lap.
"To the ship then," he cried happily pointing at the door.
"Actually, could we wait till morning instead? I'd like to get a last good night's sleep in my own bed," I said.
"Fine. We will wait. What's your name?" he asked curiously.
"Charles Goodman," I said over my shoulder as I went towards my bedroom. When I got to there, I changed in to my night clothes, and I walked out to where Zyphor was to make sure he had found a place to sleep for the night.
"How about the couch in the living room?" I asked him nodding towards the living room. He eyed the couch wearily. It was about three feet too short for him. I then realized my mistake.
"No thank you. Here on the floor is fine," Zyphor said looking back at me.
"All right. Well here's a blanket and a spare pillow for you to use," I said pulling them out of the hall closet. "See you in the morning then." I walked back to my room and hopped into the bed. I lay there for a while listening to the radio playing softly before I eventually fell asleep.