When I was young,
Tales you'd tell,
Of things worth dreaming for,
Always keeping my spirits high.
You never showed me sadness,
You always wore a smile,
I learned to do the same.

Most people dream,
Of big houses,
But the expensive things,
Aren't always what a person needs.
What is life without love?
Without friends and family?

Happiness is what you need,
Never think I don't want that,
Never think what you're doing is wrong.
As long as you're happy,
Who cares?
You gave me happiness,
When all I wanted,
Was to crawl into a dark hole,
And never come out.

All your life,
You gave and gave,
Now its time,
For you to,

Take what you want,
And have no regrets,
Only lessons.

Life is short,
And you shouldn't waste it,
Being unhappy.

Do things you never thought you'd do,
Show the world,
That you are capable,
That you love life,
And care not what they think.

Act out,
Don't hold back,
Just because some people,
Think you should.
Ignore them.

My words could go on,
But I should stop.
I just want to tell you mom,
That I will always love you,
Because you've taught me how.

~ Um yeah, bad review, start a coming. This needs major work. It is all
over the place. Plus there's the it sucking factor. But I thought I'd put
it up, you know? I don't even know if it is considered a poem. Please
review ~