although you tore out my heart,
it burns still with the agony
that you repaid me with for my love.
Broken, bleeding
crimson staining white snow
virgin white, shattered by pain
left in a dark corner
with life spilling from my body
you cast me aside
like I was trash
no longer of any interest
for your sadistic fantasies
all you left was pain and sorrow
and the anger that burned in my soul you could never extinguish
now the flames glow white-hot
fed by pain and anguish
you never said you cared at all
and when I asked, you ignored it
can I live, loving such a twisted, sadistic monster?
already i have become so hollow.
My sould dies within me
because I was foolish enough to trust
to love
even though I knew better
left with nothing but one suppourt
you took the first and made them your own,
and now, tangling them in your winding sheets
you pass third base, and go far beyond
with the ones I trust.
Deceived an illuded, I bleed to death-
love is the dagger you drove into me
poisoned with lies and trickery
shattering bones and piercing flesh,
smothered until I fall into the abyss,
So very dead, but suffering still
lying in a puddle of my crimson pain
stained by my own blood for all eternity
tainted by the way I cared too much
knifed with a barbed dagger
that is pulled deeper every second.
scarred beyond recovery
old wounds still fresh that will never heal
all poisoned by sensitivity.
Despite my dying soul,
I am bestowed with bitter immortality
as a result of my betrayal.
drugged and drunk by your illusions
loving too much, too sensitive
so stupid, to be caught inn the trap of so many traitors
crying, because you betrayed me
and let me DIE