Sometimes feeling anything is better than feeling this..dead!


Every night
Different hands
Different lips
Different eyes

Each one a different adventure
Nameless faceless sensation
Lost in the moments
Finally letting down her walls
No words on her toung
In the darkness behind her closed lids
Giving up her body in a darkened corner
To feel needed, to feel loved
Just to feel at all

And when it over, they leave
Feeling proud of another conquest
And she huddles into her corner
Wanting to claw his touch from her skin
The tears can't cleanse
How dirty she feels
But at least she does feel
Empty and used
But alive

"I'm sorry"
She writes it on her walls in her blood
But as the numbness freezes her again
And dispassionately she studies her ripped shirt
She knows she will do it all again tomorrow night
Just to feel.

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