I watched you change and never knew

There was nothing I could do

Being upset everyday wasn't something you needed

You felt like God turned his back on you

What would it to take to make you see?

You didn't try to talk about what was really wrong

Dealing with the pain is all that's left

Can't we just throw away the past?

I can see the fear in your eyes now

There was so much pressure

You thought that you were strong

The make up wouldn't cover those bruises

But you did what you want to do

You couldn't take it anymore

Just let go of all of the pain

Didn't you want to live?

I see the fear in your movements now

There's this hate in life that won't go away

You felt like no one would really understand

All the problems you faced daily

It was always killing you

The pain inside you couldn't live with

Why didn't you say anything?

And I see the fear in your heart now

I miss you more than you'll ever know

Do you hear me where you are now?