You are nothing
You are worthless
You've taken everything you've been given
And greedily asked for more
You only think of yourself
You don't deserve this
You should've died as a child
You've caused so much pain
Why do you look at food and drink?
Ignore them
They are not for you
You don't deserve them
You are priveleged without reason
Why do you look up?
You shouldn't see this
You are not worthy of looking toward their faces
Stare at the ground
You are alive
You don't deserve to be here
Why aren't you dead?
You see who you are
You are rude
You are revolting at sight
You don't deserve this life
No one will care
Except for those whose lives improve
You know that they'll be thankful
You are nothing
You are the dirt of this world
Put that knife away
It's too pretty
Against you, it is shamed
Here, take the rusty blade
You are undeserving of anything better
You are worthless
For the sake of humanity
Spill your crimson lies
Take away this burden of your life
Rest in torture

Heather M. 29/2/04