I was 10 years old when the doctors diagnosed me with leukemia. I did not know anything about it. How was I supposed to? I was a 10-year-old kid, enjoying life. I was getting good grades, my parents always praised me for them, the teachers adored me, and mostly all the fifth graders were my friends. It was great. I loved life. But 5 years later here I am in a hospice. My parents got too depressed when they found out my condition was getting worse. Who could blame them? Now they visit once in awhile, knowing that I'm now knocking on death's door. What's even worse, my girlfriend doesn't know where I am. She doesn't even know I have leukemia.

It's 8:18 in the morning, since I don't go to school anymore; I get to sleep in a bit. If your dying, and you know you don't have any chance in living, who the hell needs school? I begin stretching, and look on the other side of the room, Nathan's still sleeping, talking in his sleep as usual. Last night he was humming, I was like what the fuck is wrong with this weirdo? It was a bit funny. I feel sorry for him though, he also has cancer, I forgot what kind but it got bad and they had to amputate his whole right leg. He always cusses every time, there isn't a sentence without a cuss word. For example he would say, "SHIT! My fucking leg hurts like a bitch again, what the hell am I, some machine that keeps consuming these dumb ass meds? This sucks dick. I can't wait until I die." Everyone who's admitted to the hospice, never gets out, they die there. So even if I try to tell him he'll get better and that they'll find a way for him, he knows it's never going to happen. He knows that everyone in there is destined to die.

I go downstairs to have breakfast. I get a bowl of cereal and some apple juice; I went over to the library, finding Christy reading some math book and trying out the problems, next to that was a science book.

"Morning Christy." I said, trying to make her stop reading those stupid books.
"Morning," she glanced up and went back in doing her problems, "that's a surprise, your actually in here, I thought you didn't believe in school anymore when we're going to die anyways."
"Well, I just wanted to try to stop you, but no matter what you're always reading something. Are you a geek or something? You need to try to enjoy life, we only have a few more months in living in this hell hole." I told her, while she continued doing her work. I started eating, waiting for her reply.
"I don't always read math books and science books. I read fiction and non-fiction books. Before your dumb ass self dies, you should go read The Diary Of Anne Frank or at least some Edgar Allen Poe stories and poems. There's more to life than sitting in front of a screen, letting time pass by, when in reality books and the computer have everything you need. For example, for your horny ass self, there's more interesting porn rather than just the Playboy Channel. You could also buy your sex toys online, rather than jacking off all the time."

"SHHHH! People you hear you!" We both laughed, our usual stupid little jokes.
She then said, "What's more interesting is that there're books here that show different sex positions."
I laughed and then said, "Oh yeah? Where is it?" She pointed to a book, and it really was what she said. I looked at it and started laughing.

Nathan woke up, Christy and I moved the chairs so Nathan could fit his wheelchair and sit next to us.
"Morning Greg, morning Christy."
"Morning Nat, What's up?" The usual routine I've said to him that never changed.
In an irritated kind of voice he said, "What does it fucking look like, not a god damn thing, and if you're asking what the hell is up, it's the ceiling. Are you blind? I know your stupid ass could see, so stop asking stupid questions. You're a retard, I swear Greg."

We were eating and talking. What I couldn't wait for was tonight. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday at midnight, Nat, Christy, and I go inside the library and tell stories. Fiction, non-fiction, or something that we have to guess for ourselves, sometimes I wish those stories could come true. What we all wish, a second chance in life.

I remembered a friend of mine had a friend who was suicidal. I thought it was stupid, life might be a bitch sometimes, but why does she want to end it so soon. There are so many people who would give up everything they have for another chance to live. People die everyday, and you want to be so selfish and kill yourself. Right now, we could smell and feel that the Angel Of Death is right here next us, just waiting to cut the last strands of life we have left.

After we all ate, we went to take our medications. It didn't really help Nat's condition. He just kept taking more and more painkillers. His cancer was spreading like wild fire, but he couldn't do anything. I don't know what Christy has, but she has to take a lot of medications. I remember I had a short glance to look at a few of her medication, hey were Wellbutrin, Celexa, and Topomax. So I looked what those medications where and now I know that she has depression plus something else, but what else I asked myself. I remember after I had my bone marrow transplant, I felt like hell after the surgery. I also had to take a lot of medication, now I have to take even more.

Our curfew is 9 PM so for an hour we have to pretend we're sleeping. Then when it's close to midnight, that's when we sneak out to the library. We only got caught once, but the nurses are pretty nice to us. I guess they feel sorry for us since we're going to die. It was 10 minutes to 12 so I woke up Nathan and gave him is crutches, if we took his wheel chair, someone might notice us. We got out of our rooms in silence. We passed a few rooms and turned a right where we went inside the library. Christy was already in there, so once Nathan got in the room I locked the door after him.

"So who's going to start telling a story?" Christy said, while she was helping Nathan to sit down.
"I will, I thought of a interesting one." I said, sitting across the both of them.
"It better not be a crappy story, you ass." Nathan said in a joking kind of voice.
"Well hurry up, begin already!" Christy said in an irritated kind of voice.
"It was formal night so of course I had to go. I asked my girlfriend to go with me of course, so that night I couldn't wait what she would look like. I bought a tuxedo and thought I would call a limousine company to pick both of us up. Especially to surprise her, I also cut my hair, it was pretty long and she would always complain how I looked like a bum. I really liked my long hair, but I loved her so I really want her to know I would do anything just for her. Plus, I liked the hair cut, she was right I would look better if I cut it.

It was 7 PM and the limousine arrived just in time. I gave the company directions to Marina's house before hand, so they knew exactly where to go. We arrived at her house 8 minutes later, and there I was outside her door with a bouquet of roses. I rang the doorbell and there she was, smiling. I was speechless.. She wore a red dress; it hugged her all around, showing her curves perfectly, her jet-black hair was up into a stylish bun, her gray eyes were sparkling, just like the stars that night.. I promised myself that I would never forget that night, how she looked and everything. I smiled at her and gave her the roses, and she hugged me and we gave each other a soft kiss and went into the limousine.
I can't really remember everything we did that night what we did when we arrived at the formal. I only remember when we danced and took pictures for the remembrance of that night, and how she held my hand. But then my condition had to ruin it all, I got weak and I had to stop dancing with her. I sat down on our table and she asked me if she could go dance with one of her guy friends, I said it was cool. I watched them dance, I was jealous of course. I didn't bring my medication because I didn't want her to know that I was sick. So I had to suffer, I was getting sick. They continued dancing for 10 minutes; I couldn't take it anymore. A slow song came up; I forgot what the name was though. I then asked her, if I could have that dance, and she blushed nodding her head. She put her arms around me and I looked in her eyes. So many thoughts were going through my head, how much I loved her, how I never wanted to let her go, how I would give up anything just to make her happy. Then, before I knew it, we kissed each other. I seemed only a moment's kiss, but everyone said it was pretty long. They joked around saying it was true love's kiss. She blushed and I placed my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek, so everyone knew that I love her, that words couldn't explain how much.

After that night, we went back inside the limo and went to her house. Her parents were home so I teased her saying that it was too bad, we could've done some serious shit if they were in there. She just laughed and punched me on the shoulder. I kissed her goodnight and told her I loved her. I walked backwards, smiling at her, capturing each moment. Never forgetting how she looked. Then I yelled out, "I LOVE YOU MARINA!" and she smiled, but I tripped over the pavement that was misaligned but didn't fall and she laughed. I went inside the limo and smiled at her."

"Wow, I never knew a dumb ass like you could be a romantic. But what did your girlfriend do when she found out you were here? Did she break up with you and went to fuck another guy?" Nathan said.
"No, she doesn't know I'm here. All she knows is that I haven't been going to school and a rumor that I moved and that I'm dating another girl. But my best friend told me that she's going out with the guy she was dancing with during that formal night." I said in a sad tone.
"That's sad, if we weren't sick, if we only had one chance at life again," Christy said while she was looking down, about to cry, "I'd give up everything.."
"Well I didn't want my girlfriend to know I was sick either, I'd rather break her heart than seeing her cry everyday, wanting to die with me. And that's what I did, I flirted with this girl at school that she knew, brought her to my house when I knew that Liana was coming over, and when she opened the door she saw me fucking that bitch. I saw her shut the door, angry and heart broken, and she ran. I know it was wrong, but at least she'll find another guy who isn't as stupid as I am and who isn't as sick. She won't be sad everyday, she won't cry. She'll be happy, and it'll be better that way." Nathan said; he was looking like he was about to cry, he was looking down, and I thought I saw a tear, but I didn't know. He was silent after that.
"So, Christy, do you have a story?" I asked her, I didn't want to see anymore-sad faces.
"Huh, no.. I guess that's enough, a semi-long story and a short story."
"How about you play the piano, I saw you writing something with notes. Let's hear that shit" Nat was also trying to change the subject.
"Okay, fine, but don't laugh."

She went next to the window, which showed the night sky. We could hear the storm on the background that matched with the beginning of it. Then, all I heard was the piano singing. It was sad, beautiful; it was like singing our life.

When Nathan and I was in our bedroom, I laid down, thinking about Marina. Nathan was writing a letter, I couldn't see what it was about. I was real tired that night, so I fell asleep. Then, I was dreaming but I didn't see anything, I heard someone say, "Goodbye Greg, thanks for being a good friend and when you wake up, call the number on the paper. Even if you can't hear me, you'll know what to do. Give it to Liana. Tell her I'm sorry I didn't tell her the truth."

After that, it was silence.

When I woke up, Nathan wasn't there and the nurses were taking his stuff somewhere. I asked them what happened and they told me that he died. I couldn't help crying, but then I told them to stop and give his personal belongings to me. I looked inside and there were two letters. One was written for me and the other said 'For Liana'. I remember Nathan talking about Liana, which was his girlfriend. So I knew I had to give it to her, but how? I saw a phone number; I guess that was her number. I read my letter, and it said:

Hey Greg,

Thanks for being a good friend to me and reassuring me that I'd get better. I couldn't take it anymore, the pain and how much I miss Liana. I've been feeling too guilty lately. It's not your fault that I killed myself, but I just couldn't stand my leg anymore. The pain was killing me slowly, so I took a cyanide pill so I wouldn't feel anything. The phone number I gave you is Liana's, please give it to her and tell her I'm sorry. Tell her the story I told you and Christy. I'll see you soon, they we could party and fuck all the chicks in heaven. HA!


I took the phone beside me and called Liana up, and told her to go to this address if she wanted to know the truth.

After that, I was running to Christy's bedroom and told her everything. She was crying,

"We need to tell her, so Greg will be happy"
"So you'll help me tell her?"

Three hours passed and we saw a brown haired, curly, pretty girl. Then we told her the story,

"Liana, my name's Christy and this is Greg, Nathan's room-mate. I'm going to be straightforward to you.. Nathan died today." Tears were sliding down Christy's face, which proved to Liana that she wasn't lying
Liana wasn't crying, more like surprised and I saw that tears were forming in her eyes, "But how? It's been months I last saw him. His friends told me he's okay, and I thought he dropped high school because he got that bitch pregnant."
"No, he killed himself because his leg was killing him slowly and he felt guilty for what he did to you. He only did that because he wanted you to go with someone else. What he did he, he knew he would've hurt you real bad but when you find another guy, he said, you'd be happy, you would; he said, 'find another guy who isn't as stupid as I am, and who isn't as sick. She won't be sad everyday, she won't cry. She'll be happy, and it'll be better that way.'"
"Sick with what?" She was crying uncontrollably with Christy by her side, I also cried a little.
"Nat had cancer that ate up his leg, and it continued spreading. This is a hospice, everyone who's in here dies. You see Christy and me now, but in a few months we'll die too. Nat couldn't take the pain anymore so he took his own life." I gave her his personal belongings and she cried even more.
A few months later had passed, and I found out that Christy died of AIDS. She had a boyfriend and he tricked her to go in his room and raped her. She loved him a lot but left, because he had AIDS, and she didn't know that. Then she went to get tested and she had it too. She got very depressed after that point.

Now, here I am lying in bed, dying. Before I couldn't move, I wrote two letters; one to my parents on how much I love them, and one to Marina and told her everything. I close my eyes and fell asleep, seeing stars and then I saw Nathan and Christy, we were all together, not sick, but very happy. That's when I knew I was dead and that death was only the beginning.