Time is shorter now,
Not that my eyes,
Have opened to the world.
Days fly by,
Like they were never there.
Life is short,
Shorter than I thought.
Soon I'll be,
Able to drive,
Get a job,
Live more freely.
But time won't stop,
To let me enjoy,
My sweet sixteen.
Soon I'll be a year,
One day closer,
To death.
A powerful thing.
Like many,
I fear it,
Not wanting to be its,
No one knows,
What comes after death,
Only those who are,
And they wont get a chance,
To tell us,
If we're realities apart.
Is there a heaven?
Is there a hell?
Does good really exist,
Or is he a myth?
Life is full of questions,
We may never know he answers to.
If you were given the chance,
Would you take them?
Or would you live life questioning?