My Life

A/N: Eh-heh. Yep. This is it. But only in the fall. Right now, marching band is over. ! I wrote this about the same time it happened. So...chyep.

Monday, September 29, 2003, I woke up at six o'clock in the morning. Just barely enough time to get my junk together for school, get dressed and grab the school tenor saxophone and rush out the door. I got to school about 6:25 a.m. Which was good for when I usually get there. It was cold outside, but warmer than last week. The air was crisp, you could smell autumn in the air. I walked inside the school lugging the saxophone and my backpack. I was partially glad that in gym we were only going to watch a movie. I dropped the saxophone off in my cubby, minus the fact I'm not the only one who uses it.

I walked down to my locker, threw my backpack in, grabbed my U.S. History book and notebook and walked with Molly down to the band room so she could drop off her flute. The school was nice and quiet. I've always found I like school more when there's fewer people around. Those people oftentimes annoy me. As Molly and I approached the office on our way to the band room we saw Ashley and Andrea, who were asking the office an important question about the Spirit Week posters. As it turned out, you could wear a hat on tropical day too. Ashley and Andrea decided to come with Molly and I to the band room so we wouldn't get lonely. Finally, Molly left us for her zero hour and Ashley, Andrea and I left for ours.

Not much happened in my zero hour, we took some notes and watched some of a movie called The Real West, much to my dismay, I was sick of the west. After zero hour ended I walked to my first hour, gym. The girl's locker room is normally warm, Monday was no exception. I looked at myself in the mirror before walking over to my friends. I was wearing my black and red hoodie, with blue jean pants and a blue, green and white striped T- shirt. With my two friends we went out into the main gym for attendance and from there to the auxiliary gym to watch a tennis match. I swear I could've fallen asleep.

During English, my second hour, we took a test. The test wasn't too bad, it was based on some short selections from books we had read. The mild air of the room was nice, but the noise the construction workers were making outside weren't so pleasant. After the test we got a worksheet to work on.

From English, I went to one of my favorite classes, Theatre 1. I've always loved the feeling of being the center of attention, onstage, in front of people. I used to hate it until about seventh grade when I got a solo in vocal. Monday in Theatre, we got a list of improv terms we would have to act out. According to our middle names, we were put in four groups of six. Then came seminar, and I read my book, Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. Personally, I thought it was cold in my seminar class.

At lunch my friend Andy gave me an odd English slip of paper. It had writing on it about landmines. It was interesting to say the least. After Andy gave me the paper, I ate a chocolate chip M&M cookie. Graciously given to me by my good friend Jessie. Fifth hour came and went with little consequence, we talked about atoms and the like, seeing how my fifth hour is biology. Near the end of the hour we made gumdrop atoms. The sugary coating made everything sticky, though.

Sixth hour, another favorite class of mine. We got new music to put in our folios. Isn't She Lovely, Gimme Some Loving and I Want My Baby were the three new songs we got. We played Isn't She Lovely several times. Mr. Reinhard told us we'd be playing Isn't She Lovely when they announced the homecoming court, king and queen. Not to mention that we'd play Gimme Some Loving during the pep rally. After band, I walked with Mike, a tenor saxophonist like me, to my locker.

Finally came the last hour of the day, Algebra 2. The room was cold, yet warm. I felt chilly with my hoodie off and warm with it on, so, naturally, I left my hoodie on. We worked with exponents and factoring variables with exponents. We got a worksheet for homework and several problems out of the book.

When the bell rung at 2:20 p.m. I walked to my locker grabbed my backpack and went to find Jessie. Jessie and I would walk down to Little Ceasars to get a pizza and then to the Lion's Club to work on our class's float. From working on the float I went to Jessie's house for dinner and then to the powderpuff game. At the beginning I thought the juniors had a chance, but the seniors quickly proved me wrong.

All in all, I realized that I don't care much for exponents but like them better than slope/intercept. Also, landmines are dangerous. For fifty pounds you can help a child walk again. Make sure you do your part.

A/N: sad little my life. I do NOTHING. I could like my english class IF it was interesting. But no. it's not.