Author's Note: I wrote this poem about 2 years ago, describing how I felt towards a special someone. Now, me and that person are together for more than a year. Please R/R!

Lost Without Restrain

I have to restrain myself

So that no one will see my tears

Pretending I don't care

Pretending I don't know you

Hating myself for having no courage

My heart aches until I cannot breathe

Looking at you, but unable to do anything

I let you fade to the ends of this world

Can't find your trace anymore

Can't feel your warmth again

Still incapable of being strong

I don't know how I can look at your face once more

Now I gaze at the starlit sky

Pondering where are the ends of eternity

A shooting star falls across the sky

I made a wish

A wish to tell you I love you