They think that I hide when I
When I don't tell them why I cry.
The first thing they think is that.
That you made me cry
Or you broke up with me again.
But they don't know.
Know what I do to myself.
Nobody knows.
Sometimes I hurt myself emotionally.
I hurt myself so much that I cry.
I cry because of what has been
Or what is now.
I cry because of what I'm afraid of
Or that I feel a way that I don't like.
I think a certain thing and it hurts.
It hurts so much that I cry.
I don't tell them why because.
Because I don't want to hurt them.
Hurt them because I'm hurting myself.
They would never understand.
Nobody would.
They would try to tell me,
Tell me that I'm wrong to think that way.
They would try to make me think
Think the way that they do.
But no matter what.
I will still feel the same way
I will still think the same way
I will still act the same way.
They think they know.
Know how my life is
And know what I'm going through.
But they are wrong.
They will never know.
They will never understand.
Understand my life
Or me for that matter.
I know that they care.
Why do they have to care?
Why can't they just.
Just let it be what it is.
Just accept the fact that.
That they can't help.
That they can't make it better.
And that they will never understand.
They want to understand
But it's imposible.
It will never happen.
The only way
Only way for them to understand is to
To get in my head and
And really see what goes on in there.
Until that is possible.
Until they are accepting
They will never understand.
Never understand the real me.