Thinking of my own troubles
I walked the Path alone one night
A man appeared sitting on a bench
Illuminated by the blonde moonlight

A single crystal trailing down
Was noticed on his face
The fragile tear made my heart ache
Then it melted away without a trace

"Good Lord," I said as I approached
"Please reveal to me your story."
Although he pretended all was right
His eyes expressed far from glory

The Man of Misery took the time
To consider what to say
"I shall tell you," he replied, "of such a spirit
That has given me hope till this very day."

My eyes widened as this man
Transformed as he spoke of this soul
He told me of this peerless Beauty
That made his broken self feel whole

He went on about this gift from God
And how he came to such a blessing
This man has fallen for a woman
I thought, there was no second-guessing

But when another falls
Is there not someone else there to catch?
Or has he found Pandora's Box
And flipped open the forbidden latch?

"Alas," he told me, "what is the reason
When I have lied to myself all the while?
Beauty was never mine in any way
Chance himself will not offer a smile."

I cringed and thought of myself
When confusing Chance was mentioned by name
As anyone who knew of Love
Chance always had that familiar game

Plucked rose petals, pleas on bended knee
Chance had always had his part
But whether or not he should be entitled
That answer was a runaway start

I pursed my lips as I looked upon him
Reminiscing of my own tears and endless pain
"If you turn around and leave this desire now
Perhaps Beauty will not leave such a stain."

"Are you mad?" he exclaimed with surprise
"Immortal Beauty is my life"
Not convinced I wondered if Death
Would take this man in strife

Too involved with such emotion
Can lead one to obsess
Forgetting the reasons why
They first had the feelings they possess

"An angel itself would envy such charisma
More melody is in Beauty than a song
Around her there is a still calm
And nothing can turn wrong."

I couldn't argue this man's need
Like holding a burning passion in my hand
Disguised Misery carried no doubt
He already took a permanent stand

"Lady Despair, I beseech you
I ask you now, please leave me be."
He said with more strength and vigor
When he turned and looked toward me

"But Misery, I have come to your aide
Please take my advice and let go."
I myself was unsure of action
Yet stayed composed, so he wouldn't know

Misery knew I was uncertain
He rose and looked up to the skies
"I will persuade Chance and he shall let it be
And I shall go to where Beauty lies"

That was the day I witnessed
When the Man of Misery became Hope
A man with promise and his status
Needed no one else, for he could cope

He took my hand and gently kissed it
Chance would now listen, I couldn't lie
Because Hope would never need me
We bade our final good bye

Never did we imagine what lied after
The Battle of Emotion
I, Lady Despair, and he, Lord Hope
Would have our separate devotions

Yet I look back and recall that night
When Misery faded away
Lord Hope had acquired his love, Lady Beauty
Or at least for this, my friend, I pray