~* Never Forget *~

He was standing there, staring at the picture with a dozen white roses lying in his right arm. She looked gorgeous in that picture. In fact, she had always been a beautiful girl. Slowly, he knelt down, putting the roses carefully in front of the picture and murmured, "I'm sorry." However, he knew perfectly that no matter how many times he says that line, time wouldn't rewind and she wouldn't come back. Everything was too late. It had been 3 years since the accident but he could still remember her mid-night hair, her deep hazel brown eyes and her sincere smile; he could still remember her favourite colour, her favourite food, her favourite flower and her favourite wedding dress; he could still remember her expression when he proposed to her; he could still remember every day, every hour, every minute, and every second they spend together; he could still remember that happiest yet most dreadful day; he could never forget the last minute he spend with her; he could never forget the last expression she had; he could never forget the last time he kissed her; and he could never forget that deadly night...

"Josh, don't drink to much. You know drinking driving is illegal."
"Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'm just too happy. This is our engagement."
"Josh, do you want me to drive?"
"Nah, I can't let my fiancé drive. I'll drive you home, my darling"
"Josh, watch out!" That was the last thing he heard before he woke up again.
As he open his eyes, "white" was the only colour that entered his eyes. He felt every single muscle hurt like hell. Where am I, he asked himself. Then a women in a while jacket entered and asked, " Are you Josh Maclean?"
"You have just got into a car accident due to drinking and driving." The women said but he didn't understand at all. His mind was a blur.
"Where is she?!" All of a sudden, he jumped up and grabbed the woman's arm.
"You mean the girl that's with you, Emma Karisten?"
"She is still in the emergency room and I'm afraid she might not make it. The doctor said that she protect you with her body during the accident..." Before she finished her sentence, he had already ran out the door, trying to find the emergency room like a lost kid. When he got there, the doctors were still trying their best. He sat on the chair and everything became so clear. he hated himself but all he could do was pray. Time had slowly passed by. Finally, the doctors came out, shaking their head and said, "We are sorry but we tried out best. you might want to talk to her for one last time." He ran into the room and there she was, lying on the bed motionlessly, covered in blood, like a dying rose. He walked to her and held her icy cold hands to his chest.
"Emma, Emma, it's me, Josh." He called her name with the most tender voice ever and kissed her forehead. Slowly, the girl opened her eyes and saw a face with a deep cut on the forehead.
"You are hurt. You should go see the doctor." She held up her right hand, trying to reach his forehead but Josh grabbed her hand and held both of them together.
"I'm fine, don't worry."
"Josh, if I don't make it... can you put a write rose in front of my tombstone on my... my funeral?" She asked quietly, taking almost all of her energy.
"You will make it, no matter what."
"Just promise me that."
"I promise. I promise." He kissed her hands and tried to warm them up.
"Thank you." A tear quietly rolled down along her face and continued, "Josh, I'm sorry that I can not be your wife anymore. I have to go. I'm sorry."
"Don't be, I love you and I'll always love you..."His voice trailed off as tears streaming down his face. He looked at her hands and quietly slipped that perfect wedding ring into her fourth ring and said, "You are my wife, my only wife...I love you." He kissed her on her lips, tasting the sweetness, one last time.
"I love you too, Josh. Thank you." She closed her eyes with a smile on her face. Slowly, he hands slipped away and dropped on the while bed. the rose was withered and turned black.

The cold wind blew through his empty heart and the leaves danced in the wind. One leaf landed in front of him. It was dry and dead but it was once green and alive, just like her. He picked up the leaf and put it into his jacket. He stood up and said good-bye 'her' as if she were alive. he turned around and walked away. The sunset stretched his shadow until he disappeared into the mist.

A/N: The End... This is something I wrote in my eng. class. Hope you like it R&R please!