A/N: This is a poem I wrote for my creative writing class. I it's as fun to read as it was to write!

The Adventures of Albert the Acorn Squash Or: How to survive the farmer's market

Albert the Acorn Squash was a humble fellow. He lived in a field with squash green and yellow.

Albert was happy with his simple life, it was carefree and he had no strife.

But Albert's joy was to be cut short, for this is a story of a darker sort.

One day a truck came, and out poured the workers, cutting squash from their vines of family and supporters.

As Albert was taken, he cried "Have a care! Don't take me this way! It's not right! No fair!"

But the poor squash's cries remained unheard. He was placed in the back next to fruit and cheese curd.

Farmer Johnson rode in front, driving along. As he went down the road, he hummed a short song.

In the truck's roomy trailer, Albert was giving a speech to fellow produce who'd been ripe for the picking.

"Listen to me! You don't have to sit! Join me and fight! Let's escape from this pit!"

The produce agreed, they wouldn't stand by while their longtime friends and neighbors would die.

So when Farmer Johnson opened the door, he shouted, surprised, as produce lept from the floor!

It surely was a juicebath, many were killed! Still more were bruised as their purpose they filled.

But not for Albert a gory end. He rolled quietly away and around the bend.

In a matter of hours, he found his field, and finally his pain was healed.

The joyous squash joined his family once more, and that's the end of his story, that's for sure.

But your story's just beginning, there's stuff to be learned, people to meet, and trust to be earned.

And if ever you feel you can do nothing at all, remember the story of Albert so small,

who even when staring in the face of opression, did not sit back and moan in depression.

If ever you feel that you're threatened, don't slack! Stand up! Face your agressor and act!

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