Glowing lights

Illuminate the night

Like fireworks in the New York sky

Laying on the grassy field

But here, no comfort found, remembering home

And wives and sons and daughters

Here, instead of home

Halfway across the world, instead of in the den

Cold and wet, instead of warm by the fire

Shots are heard, bombs explode

Louder as we run towards them

Ducking into ditches and dodging lose debris

Scared but showing courage

The metal gun our new best friend

Here, instead of home

But here, one fell, his body limp

Into the rotten sea

Surrounded by bodies, leaking blood

Mutilated, tangled, abandoned

Pulled back to shore by one good friend

Shielded under the dunes

Holding hands, warm with blood

While the other presses down on his chest

"Why?" he asks, but I don't know

For I ask myself the same

I know his story, two daughters and a loving wife

He knows mine too, but thinks only of his own

His clothes are drenched, but the photo dry

Protected, preserved, precious

He hands it to me, and I take it

Special to me now, as it was to him

Glowing lights illuminate the night

As he draws his final breath

Dying for his country, a noble cause

But what of his fatherless children to be?

He makes me swear, I do as he pleads

To tell his children of this honorable thing

And then I feel his grip loosen, his hand fall

His body washes into the sea

To join the others,

Cold, lonely, abandoned,

But never forgotten