My father still my hero
I don't understand it
Why can't I be mad at you?
Why can't I hate you?
I am your flesh and blood
You must feel something
But you don't
You have my love
But you won't take it
Is it me? I wonder
Am I not good enough
To fit in your world ?
To be in your life?
Always these excuses
To get rid of me
That's how I see it
All I want is a father
But you don't want a daughter
You think you're not cut out
To take care of me
I try to live with it
That it's always me reaching out
Reaching out for a little love
But I guess it's not your fault
Since you didn't want
Children in the first place
But still I cry
For the loss of you
A father I'll never have
A second parent
Every once in a while
You call me too
But then it's not so fun
Cause it will be you
Saying goodbye to me
But through all the pain
And all the tears
You're still my father
No-one can take that place