Lived it Ten Times Or More
By Dark Lady

James sat in his history lesson. His next was English.a chance to see Saria again. So far the only thing he knew about her was that she was an apparently an invisible one at that.

As soon as the teacher told them to pack up he was out of the door not caring that they hadn't been dismissed yet. He did know that in his lessons Saria was just there. He never saw her come or go except for yesterday when she ran from him. He had to be there before her.

He arrived at his English lesson to an empty Saria. She was already there. How he couldn't be sure but he beat people weren't even out of there classrooms and yet Saria was sat unpacked ready for her next lesson.

He walked up to her. She ignored him completely, something he wasn't used to people doing.

"I really enjoyed your books. Seven of them aren't there? I only found four you don't happen to know where I might find the other three do you?" he asked. She again ignored him. "You weren't at the library where were you?" Once again she ignored him and he didn't get a chance to ask anything more before people started entering the room.

The lesson was dull as usual and afterwards he hung back to speak to Saria, but she wasn't there. He had been watching her all lesson, he hadn't seen her leave but she had gone. How did she do that?!

He checked the library at lunchtime and she wasn't there so he moved to the art rooms, she wasn't there either but there was a painting of a crying unicorn on the wall that was somehow it didn't surprise him, after all she was a published author and art like writing was down to imagination. So third time lucky he looked again.

He was stopped dead in his tracks in the hallway of the music block. He could see her. She was stood in a sound proof practise room. She held a guitar and was singing through a microphone. He couldn't hear her but he didn't care. She was beautiful. Her blonde hair hung in loose ringlets to just below her shoulders and without her thick lenses her eyes shone brightly.

He felt as if he had uncovered a great had found her. He had seen her, the girl no one could see. Now he couldn't give up. This girl brought out the best in him. He had read four books in one day and tried in English that morning. He had to have her.

He spent the remainder of the lunchtime sat outside the practise room, just watching her. She was perfect. He just had to get everyone else to see that.

When the door opened at the end of lunchtime he went right up to her and instead of being his show off , flirtatious self he just told her the truth.

"You are beautiful." He told her. Her hair was back in a bun and she had her glasses back on but all he could see was the girl he had been watching for the last half hour. "You're so talented and beautiful." She didn't run this time.

"Why were you listening to me?" she asked.

"I wasn't it's soundproof.I was just watching you." He said. She made to leave.

"No. Wait!" he called out. He moved to step in front of her. " don't run away." She stopped. "Just give me a chance to talk to you. I can't stop thinking about you, I don't know why it my be your looks, intelligence or out of pity but still." That was it she was out of there. She made to leave. He got in her way so she just shoved her way through.

"Don't run away!" he called behind her. "I want to see you." he said quietly, but she was gone.

"shit." He hissed, kicking a nearby chair. She kept could he win her over if she kept running. Just over eight days left and she was still running away from him.

What now?! What's plan B? Did he even have a plan B? No, he didn't think so.