What do you see

When you look at me?

Do you see a girl who

Has the happy eyes of a child?

Or do you see a girl

Whose eyes are sad and downcast?

Do you see a girl who

Laughs and goofs off with her friends?

Or do you see a girl

Who hides how she feels

And really feels empty and alone?

If you looked at me-

Really looked at me-

You'd see how lonely and sad

I feel inside

You'd see that the smile on my face

Is used as a mask at times

To cover up my true feelings.

You'd see a girl

That wants to burst out

And be able to be

How everyone wants her to be.

She would be truly happy

All the time

Her eyes would sparkle

When she laughed.

She would be open and free

And not afraid

To show it

But you don't see it

Because I've hidden that girl so well.

But if you continue

To be my friend,

And you look deep inside me,

Maybe, at last,

You'll see the real me.

And maybe then,

You could help me be

That other girl-

The happy girl.