Sea Life

Flipping and jumping
From sunrise to sunset
Life is one big game.
There are no worries,
No cares, no problems.
All food is provided,
It just has to be caught.
Everyday is a new adventure,
A new game.
The limits of home are
As far as we please.
We are across the entire world.
We are bottle-nose dolphins.
But life is no longer easy
As it once was.
There are normal predators
Like sharks.
But there is a growing problem.
Humans are hunting us,
Killing us.
Sometimes unintentional,
Sometimes on purpose.
We are not as commonly seen
As we once were.
If you humans are not
Careful, you could destroy all
Animal life on Earth.
We speak for all,
The big and the small.
Humans, be careful.
You could destroy all life
On Planet Earth,
Everyone's home.