On the day that the sun died. I never had seen light from then, unless you count the silvery glow of the moon.

That was the only radiance I saw. I lost everything, my home, my family, all that I ever loved. Was all gone.

The only thing I hold is the haunted memories of the past. That is the only thing that didn't abandon me.

Now here I am, down below this putrid dungeon this cold stony cell. Where day by day I work and work.

Doing nothing but washing, cleaning, scrubbing, wiping, cutting, weaving, doing these endless task. For what?

My superiors, who live above in the castle. Dressed in silk, dined with gold, glamour with pearls and sapphires.

And I, a lowly servant. No, slave I would say. Here I lie, waiting for someone to take me away. And one day

maybe I will we drowned in riches as well.